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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Shock, horror

Recent news that the public find boring news stories about how Edna Greaves, a 51 year old undecided voter from Southend, finds the coverage boring has prompted a radical rethink amongst media circles. The new strategy focuses on boring coverage about how boring statistics show how boring the coverage is (rather than how boring "real people" find it), and poses the radical question about what politicians can do to halt this slide into boredom.

Hugh Dullard, deputy assistant interactivity producer at BBC News 24 told us that " we need to find new ways to connect with people in order to make things even more boring and seem even more distant except to those few who are interacting (surely "reconnect people with the political process"? Ed.). People have had enough with the bad old days of politics when we used to broadcast serious debate on issues of high policy between the people who could be deciding on that policy in a few weeks time. What they want are really dull interviews with really dull people on how dull programmes has nothing to do with their dull lives. That way we can stop thinking about real, quality programmes and knock off early to get down the pub."

Michael Buerk said "Zzzzzzzzzzzzz...."


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