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Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Paxman interviews

Just a quick thought having watched Howard-Paxman on the internet. If you compare the end of the interviews of all the three party leaders, it is only Michael Howard who visibly chats with Jeremy Paxman in a relaxed way. The other two seem to sit there fairly awkwardly and silently while the credits roll, although there is a debonaire flick of the neck from our Prime Minister. Could it be Mr Howard is actually a fairly pleasant chap in person?

Overall I thought it was a pretty good performance from Michael Howard. He seemed confident, able to defend his policies and position in a competent way, and able to defuse the Paxman bile charismatically. Meanwhile, I am pondering the possibility of a backlash-backlash, against the people propelled into trying to lynch the Tories over immigration...


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