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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Update from FOX News

Further to my post about the FOX News website the day before yesterday, the network has risen back up somewhat in my estimations by getting in touch. Here is the full text of an email I received just now:

Thank you for writing.

The story to which you are referring was written by the Associated Press and no doubt appeared in hundreds -- maybe even thousands -- of news outlets throughout the U.S.

I am forwarding your letter to the editors at the AP. If they offer a correction, we will be certain to run it on our Web site.
Steve Bromberg Executive Editor

Even if he didn't email me himself, it's great that such a senior figure is taking some direct & personal interest in editorial accuracy. Let's hope they get it sorted out!

However, this is yet further damnation of the relative insignificance of our elections across the wider world. Even the sporadic coverage received from FOX News doesn't even involve them writing their own stories on it!


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