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Friday, November 04, 2005


Dear readers, if indeed any remain,

I have returned to the world of the blogger after a lengthy hiatus! I had a very busy summer, in which I returned to the UK, worked as a menial receptionist in a motorway service area motel (and seriously considered live blogging my many amusing experiences) and finally settled in London, from where I now blog for the first time, having had two close friends both further compound my guilt yesterday.

You'll see I have rebranded (or more accurately I suppose "unbranded" from An Englishman in Philly) back to "Trust People" since I am no longer in Philadelphia. I also feel that the feelings which lay behind my original name for the blog have become even more relevant and what they can tell us about where the country is going even more salient during my time away from Britain and also the blogosphere. But more of that later...

For now I hope you will return, I hope you like the new layout, and I hope I can provide you with something interesting to read!


At 12:20 am, Blogger Ken said...

Welcome back!

At 6:06 pm, Blogger Edward said...

Thanks, Ken. Apologies for your comment not coming up sooner but I'd had to set up complex security gubbins to tackle these demon spam bots!


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