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Monday, February 27, 2006

Breaking news...


A huge fleet of police cars have just stopped three white vans and a large blue lorry on the Embankment travelling east, by Temple. Area is thronged with police...any connection to the Securitas robbery?


They've just stopped another lorry and coned off the inside lane. Two coppers who appear to be Special Branch are watching the one lane of traffic going through.


One guy has just done a runner up toward Westminster with two policemen in tow. A dog team has arrived. They appear to be looking inside the bonnets of the vans but aren't touching the lorries.


Traffic is really backing up now. I have to head out to a meeting so updates will pause. I'm trying to educate my flatmate with a crash course in blogger to continue for me...


I really have to go, but it appears someone has arrived from forensics.

UPDATE: At least two men ended up getting cuffed and taken off. Nothing about it in any news updates I can find as of 18.00. Freaky... really makes you wonder how much the police do that we never hear about.


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