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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Madness of Comrade George

I know that I shouldn't be surprised by things such as this any more. It really ought to be old news which shouldn't wind me up. For some bizarre reason it still does though.

George Galloway has condemned Denmark as “one of the most racist countries in Europe, without a single purpose-built mosque,” at the same time as criticising the British press for being “full-on in their denunciation of the Muslims” and “negative coverage”.

Hang on a cotton-picking minute. Denmark is racist because they don't have a single purpose-built mosque? Can he be serious? Firstly, he's conflating race and religion in a way I'm sure would lead to my being barracked by many Muslims and many on "the left" if I did it, but beyond that what a coarse and sad way to decide whether someone is racist or not? What a betrayal of his socialistic roots. Just because Danish Muslims (some of whom are too busy stirring up hatred in the Arab world by touring with faked images of Mohammed) haven't built their own purpose-built mosque the entire country is racist? Whatever, George.

I'd been thinking about Mr Galloway last night even before I read this interview though and was reflecting on what a sad position he now occupies. His constituency is probably one of the most racially and religiously volatile in Great Britain, specially selected because it would be easy for him to divide and conquer on shady grounds. Having done that, however, he is now reduced to repeating the same lightweight, sickening line in order to retain support of his electorate. Having pandered to base prejudice in order to gain election he is now a slave to it.

His only choice is between obscurity and continuing as a British mouthpiece of the apologists for militant Islam, with little meaningful or even insightful to say, apparently, about any other issue in the country. What a lesson for politicians, past, present or potential. Beware the monster you try to tame, lest it in turn tames you. He tried to tame the British politics of Islam to use it for his own political ends, but in demonstrating he was pliable to it, his political ends have been reduced to those British political Islam will consent to. His weakness is now clear for all to see. Master turned servant.

Just to sum up the sad madness of "comrade George" I'll leave you with another part of the interview I quote from above.

But as he continues, he is confusing. “There’s no such thing as freedom of speech,” he says - “all freedom of speech is curtailed. I am, for example, curtailed from saying what I think of this gentleman (he points at me) by the laws of libel.” Since he is quite free to disseminate truth without fear of retribution, I can only assume it is the wish of George Galloway MP to spread lies about me. “And if he were black,” he continues, “I’d be curtailed from making a racist attack on him.” I am surprised. “Would you want to?” I ask. He ignores me. “If he were Jewish, I’d be curtailed from making an anti-semitic attack on him.”


At 3:18 pm, Blogger Biodun said...

The man is bordering on deranged.

Since when did it become the state's obligation to build mosques and churches? These are things built by the groups that need them.

He does not know the meaning of the word racism, or understand how important the separation of church and state is in Europe!

Why muslims feel that he is an acceptable spokesperson is beyond me.

He is one person I would not want on my team, whether or not he agreed with my views.

Galloway is a joke and an opportunist.

At 7:04 pm, Blogger pdberger said...

I have a number of Danish relatives. Regarding mosques in Denmark, here is an extract from a recent email from one of them:

"There are many mosques in around Denmark in existing buildings where Friday prayer is practised every week, and there is no ban against building any new ones either. But there has been no agreement amongst the many different Muslim communities as to which school of Islam a new mosque should belong, and there has been a financial problem as well. Mosques have to comply with local town planning regulations like all other buildings, but that has not been an issue."

At 9:37 pm, Blogger Edward said...

Well, quite Biodun.

PDBerger: that's fascinating. It's what I would have expected, to be honest, but I didn't want to assume it lest my views become too self-enforcing!


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