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Monday, February 27, 2006

Mindless leftism

So the British gender pay gap "is the largest in Europe" (note the quotation marks, they mean you can make a story say what you want, without checking its integrity, so long as someone's stupid enough to say it).

Why is this, you may ask. Well, according to one of the members of the group which drew up the report which makes this shocking assertion:

"It is because of structural problems; because of young girls' choices in schools and the fact that our careers education system completely fails to make them realise that the choices they make will determine what they earn"

So, for whatever reason, girls are making the wrong choices and are then paying for them later in life.

The response to this? Empower them and offer incentives to make better choices, surely?

Don't be so silly. The leftists know the answer. It's not the fault of the women and girls who make financially - I won't say entirely - poor decisions. Those who drew up the report they're actually relying on must be wrong. It's society's fault, the state's fault, nay, the fault of those who make financially better decisions. They must pay!

Katherine Rake, from the Fawcett Society - an organisation which campaigns for equality for women - said that widespread discrimination was a major contributor to the pay gap.

"It is not so much the pay gap that is the issue, it is the fact that women are not getting in to the best jobs. Women nearly always end up in low paid menial jobs. Business need to understand that women are quite capable of juggling a career and a family, and they should not be discriminated aginst for doing so."

Derek Simpson, general secretary of Amicus, said the report had "deliberately missed the point," adding that without compulsory pay audits, women will have to wait until "Doomsday" to earn the same as men.

So, some women earn less because they make choices which lead to them earning less. To rectify this, you completely skew any system of incentives we use to encourage people to make beneficial choices for themselves.

Despite this, they still expect fewer people to make those undesirable choices? Idiots.

UPDATE: Perhaps there is a rightwards trend in Britain if this feedback from the BBC is anything to by.


At 6:38 pm, Blogger Edward said...

Quite, but the problem is it doesn't suit their case to be measured and reasonable. They exist solely to whip up hysteria and add some veneer of apparent credibility to their point of view.


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