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Monday, February 27, 2006

More on baby Charlotte

I've covered this story before in some depth, but it's come to my attention just now that in recent days Charlotte Wyatt (the baby whose parents had a legal battle just to retain the right to give her NHS oxygen and who was at one point left to die in hospital shortly after her birth due to a court order preventing her resuscitation) has become ill again and had the previous order reversed which in effect mandated her continued protection under the NHS. This means that as her condition worsens, if it does, then she will die and the hospital will not try to keep her alive. It's all documented on her blog and, despite the highly publicised problems her parents have been having, is really quite distressing. I hope she is in little pain and shall be praying for her life.

This is a very difficult area of the law and morals, but surely, with loving parents, life must be better than death?


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