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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Galloway rumbles "Fake Sheikh"

So George Galloway claims to have rumbled the "Fake Sheikh", the News of the World's undercover "reporter" who has caused so much trouble for so many in public life over the years. Fair play to Mr Galloway for picking up on him. I do have to say, however, reading Mr Galloway's article I can't help but feel he is somewhat exaggerating his achievements. After all, it wasn't until after leaving that he cottoned on to what they were doing. You also get the impression this is an attempt, albeit rather an impressive one, to head off any coverage the News of the Screws might run with on Sunday. His claims to being an eagle-eyed shrewd persona also falls fairly flat after the Sun's successful Valentine's hoax last month.

This certainly isn't proof the Respect MP is "whiter than white". If he'd cottoned onto the hoax then he wasn't going to show his true colours was he? Nonetheless, credit where credit's due. Where I can unreservedly agree with Mullah George is on his views of the Murdoch press. Stunts like this just further harm the standing of those in public life. That can't be a good thing.


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