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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

From the body of the strong must come forth sweetness

It is tragic that the capture of twelve Nepalis in Iraq has resulted in their murder. It is, arguably, more tragic that this has lead to great unrest in Kathmandu, the capital. What I find deeply concerning, however, is the statement that the militants said the 12 Nepalis had been killed because they "came from their country to fight the Muslims and to serve the Jews and the Christians. Part of me feels that the only response to this is to crush them. If they are going to justify such atrocities in this way then they need to be shown how 'the Jews and Christians' respond to this. I think this is a natural gut reaction. However, I am restrained by the belief that this is only a small, almost insignificant, part of the Moslem population of the world. The most important thing is to ensure we have a coalition of the willing with all moderate sensible Moslems and Moslem nations to crush this aberation, which will otherwise threaten both us and the Moslem world. We must be clear who the enemy is, just as in Northern Ireland we fought not Catholics or Protestants, but deluded murderers.


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