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Monday, April 18, 2005

Kennedy's foibles

Over at Militant Moderate there has been a big debate raging between the two contributors over Charles Kennedy's gaffes at the Liberal Manifesto launch. Whatever the impact of that cock-up my opinion of Mr Kennedy and, indeed, the LibDems has taken another plummet this week. Simply put, Charles Kennedy is not a serious political player. He may pick up votes through the Liberals' typical "cuddly but fake" tactics but I think he has an inherent glass ceiling. The key is how the others can woo support back.

A prime example is Jeremy Paxman's interview with Charles Kennedy in which he took apart the many contradictions of the Lib Dem platform and their hypocrisy whenever they have a scent of power. I think you can catch it through this link. He fantastically shows up their hypocrisy in "power" and the inherent contradiction between their proper-Liberal noises and their social democratic action. Perhaps they should come clean!

My greatest bug bear is and has always been the horrifically irritating assertion that they are the only party who are concerned with "hohnest pohlitics" and the only ones who will strive for "positive campaigning". The fact is they are just as negative as the other parties but just spin it by banging on about how they are holier than everyone else. It's time that this pissing from the assumed moral high ground was shut down for good. Again, the challenge is how the others can show the unsuspecting voter how false it all is.

More to follow on this tomorrow...


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