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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Trust people endorses Cameron wanting to trust people

Trust People is delighted that the Conservative Party is embracing its mantra about the importance of trusting people so strongly. I'm certain that the hits I've been getting from CCHQ have absolutely nothing to do with it. It is pleasing that Cameron is now trying to focus his agenda on exactly what the party will change to. This is the process which will culminate in the detail policy positions which the party will promote at the next election. It is absolutely correct that this is not rushed and, in particular, that policy positions are certainly not drawn out in detail prior to any confirmation of who the other party leaders will be in the next election!

This blog will officially endorse the "Built to Last" statement and, hopefully, give a rundown commentary of my opinions point-by-point as soon as I've finished my long-promised article on what the Tories can learn from the Republicans. For now, despite my concerns that it could amount to mere froth, it will get my vote. In the meantime I'll be looking for David Cameron to face up much more directly to questions, comments and queries made about him.

In the meantime, trust people. And read Iain Dale's very accurate report of last night's launch of the document at Vinopolis.


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