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Monday, January 30, 2006

Free speech & the cartoon war

I've been "tagged" by Ken as part of the blogosphere's attempt to sway the Cartoon War. The "Cartoon War" itself involves criticism by Muslims that Denmark has allowed the publication of some cartoons. Unbelievably it involves Libya and Saudi Arabia breaking off diplomatic relations with Denmark, Danish flags being burned in the Mid East, Scandinavians being advised to leave Palestine and gunmen occupying a European Union office in Gaza demanding an apology. Sounds absurd doesn't it? In fact I found it truly incredible until I saw what the cartoons were. Then I understood.

The cartoons first appeared in September in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten and were later reprinted in a Norwegian paper. Islam prohibits any depiction of Muhammad or Allah.

Although I have to say I personally don't find the cartoons in the best taste, I am nevertheless delighted to be able to do something to show support for the Scandinavians and shall be drinking Carlsberg (with my nose clenched) and having two bacon sandwiches for breakfast as well as continuing the "tagging" tradition. There should be nothing illegal about being offensive: free expression should be defended to the hilt. Well done Anders Fogh Rasmussen for standing firm.

Seven things to do before I die

1) Get old.
2) Brew my own beer.
3) Visit the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda.
4) Speak Cantonese or Arabic.
5) Climb Mount Everest.
6) Run a marathon.
7) Make a difference.

Seven things I cannot do

1) Speak Cantonese or Arabic.
2) Sing. In tune.
3) Give myself an easy time.
4) Avoid shouting at sporting events.
5) Take a back seat in conversations.
6) Take penicillin.
7) See very well.

Seven things that attract me to... a city

1) Residents who want to talk.
2) Good sports fans.
3) A history with many challenges.
4) A river.
5) Facilities with a small town feel.
6) Good beer.
7) A distinctive vibe.

Seven things I say
1) Keep you chin up.
2) Classic.
3) Champion.
4) Best of British.
5) Round the Wrekin.
6) I'll tell you what's put me off politics...that.
7) Can I ask you a question?

Seven books that I love

1) Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo.
2) Jude the Obscure, by Thomas Hardy.
3) Amsterdam, by Ian McEwan.
4) Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens.
5) The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas.
6) The House at Pooh Corner, by A A Milne.
7) Shogun, by James Clavell.

Seven movies that I’ve loved

1) 12 Angry Men.
2) Casablanca.
3) Saving Private Ryan.
4) Citizen Kane.
5) The Godfather.
6) The Great Escape.
7) Rocky.

Seven people to tag

1) James Hellyer.
2) Laban Tall.
3) Richard.
4) TRP.
5) Free Democrat.
6) Tory Convert.
7) LT.


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