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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

We know they promise black will be white...but now negative is positive

As I blogged yesterday, the "hohnest pohlitics" rubbish of 'Champagne Charlie' is just that - rubbish.

Here is a small sample of press releases from the two days around their manifesto launch to show just how negative can be positive in a world that is yellow! Their claim to be above the fray and uniquely positive really is laughable. Rubbish. Absolute tripe.

“It is frankly bizarre for the Conservatives to be complaining about Council Tax revaluation when they are committed to carrying out a revaluation themselves. “The Conservatives invented Council Tax, they still believe it is fair, and they have no plans to reform it. It is deceitful to pretend otherwise. “They are deliberately misleading the voters about the Liberal Democrat position.

“The James Report is implausible in key areas and therefore undeliverable. As a result the Conservative spending commitments cannot be taken seriously by anyone. "The Conservatives have a hidden agenda for Government

“The Tories pretend they’re going to solve the Council Tax crisis, but the truth is they're going to make it worse. “Michael Howard brought in Council Tax, and now his Party wants to increase it. It’s time to scrap the unfair Council Tax and replace it with a fair system based on ability to pay.”

"The Tories do not deserve to run Britain’s economic policy. Tory spending plans are simply not credible. They are based on the James Review, which has time after time been proven to be implausible and unachievable.”Then come the insults: all positive campaigning without fearmongering though....

“This is the economics of the madhouse and would destabilise our entire education system.

“Using public money to subsidise private schools is a chilling reminder of the Tory party’s utter disregard for the state education system and should remind all voters where their priorities truly lie, with the privileged few rather than the average British family.”

"International Affairs specialists will dismiss this part of the Tory programme as risible.

"The Tories are trying to disguise their hidden agenda on Council Tax [which justifies massive and unjustified scaremongering...]the truth is they are planning Council Tax hikes of 10% to fill their spending black hole and a nationwide revaluation that would land up to 7 million families with higher bills. The Tories invented Council Tax, and now they're going to make it worse.”

What positive stuff! I hope they enjoyed p***ing from that moral high ground...but there's more:

“The Tories clearly don't want to talk about transport, incredible given that it is one of the policy areas where Labour have clearly failed to deliver. Their record means they have every right to be embarrassed, so no wonder that their main proposal in this area, on speed cameras, panders to their boy racer instincts.”

Calling Tories boy racers; that's what the country wants from its politicians.

"When it comes to the environment there’s nothing more toxic than a Tory.”

If only all politicians were as refreshingly positive as this... Given that this is two days worth of "positive" and "honest" politics doesn't it make this latest tripe from Kennedy make you want to puke?

Charles Kennedy:
"We're going to address people's hopes, not play on their fears. We're going to be the positive force for good in this general election"

Can any Liberal sympathisers out there honestly put their hand on their heart and say that the stuff I've quoted here, from just two days worth of press releases, makes the Liberals above the fray?

DISCLAIMER: I know at least one regular reader who will be annoyed by this. Nevertheless, I do feel that if the Liberals believe their own hype about "three party politics", then this sort of stuff has to be flagged up.


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